• eohomegrownapps An extraordinary person who contributed code and helped fix a major issue.
  • lightspeedana An incredibly skilled individual who contributed code, design and layout ideas.
  • picapi Valuable contributor and student interested in Computer Science and Cyber Security
  • Bottersnike Someone who actually knows web design unlike me and has helped spot the mistakes.
  • Linus Sebastian I'm just trying to exist in this vast world surrounded by intelligent individuals.
  • dwouca A valuable contributor without whose encouragement, this site would not exist!
  • AnonGuy An Arch Linux enthusiast, important project stakeholder and contributor.
  • Fractal Penguin The terminator of typos, contributor extraordinaire, and a great guy in general.
  • AlphexGaming Another priceless contributor who helped with the assets and images!
  • ZomBMage An enthusiastic contributor who directly contributed code and ideas on layout.
  • thebeanogamer The BDFL, manager, saviour and handler in charge of running this organisation.
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